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Altered Trading Card Game

What is Altered TCG?

Altered is a revolutionary Trading Card Game with beautiful art, great gameplay and above all a unique collecting concept. Open boosters, collect the most beautiful cards and build your own decks. You collect this both physically and digitally! Scan the card to add it to your digital collection. The official release of Altered TCG is August 26, but the starter decks and Kickstarter boosters will be available as early as July. The first expansion will follow in January 2025, after which a new set will be released every four months. Be the first to dive into the world of Altered!

What makes Altered TCG unique?

Altered has a unique way of distinguishing itself from other TCGs. Analog and digital merge in harmony thanks to innovative technology. Each card contains a QR code so that you can easily add your cards to your online collection. With the matching but optional app you can exchange, trade, build tournament decks and print cards cards on-demand. Unique cards are really unique. Are you opening a unique card ? Then there is no second one that is the same.

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The story of Altered

A magical storm changed the world of Altered forever when the world of imagination collided with reality. The people who survived the storm came together in Asgartha to start a new community there. The world continues to change due to the phenomenon called Tumult. Pairs of explorers called Exalts capture and use mana to manifest their imaginations into reality. Now, 500 years after the storm, these Exalts journey into unknown areas in hopes of finding and stabilizing the source of Tumult.

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How do you play Altered TCG?

Altered is a Trading Card Game. This means that each player plays with their own deck cards. You play Altered with two players who each lead two expeditions led by their Hero and his or her Companion. When Hero and Companion meet at the end of their expedition, you win. Each card belongs to one of six factions, each with their own playing style. A deck can only contain cards from one faction. Read more about the different factions on the Altered factions page. If you can't wait to get started, check out the Altered: Quickstart and get started right away. Do you have a question about the rules of the game? Then this will probably be answered on the Altered: How to Play page.

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Start with Altered TCG

If you are just starting to play, it is advisable to start with one or more starter decks and then further expand your collection with booster decks. From booster s you can get rare cards that can strengthen your deck.

All you need is an opponent to play the game. If you both have a deck you can start playing right away. An explanation of the rules can be found on the play the game page.

Everyone is also welcome to come and play in the store. Also keep a close eye on our events page for when Altered events are being organised.

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Collecting Altered TCG

Altered is a Trading Card Game, which means that you do not have all cards from the set at your disposal as standard. Collecting Altered cards is what makes this game unique and revolutionary. You save the cards physically and digitally. You can scan any physical card and add it to your digital collection. Cards can be exchanged physically and digitally all over the world. You can have cards that you only obtained digitally printed with print on demand. Read more about this on the Altered Print on Demand page.

The first set, Beyond the Gates, consists of more than 400 cards and contains infinitely unique cards. And by unique we mean truly unique. These rare cards are variations on existing cards, but with a difference relevant to the game that makes them unique. You can read exactly how this works on the page about Altered (unique) cards.

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Kickstarter Edition

Altered is the most successful Kickstarter TCG campaign ever. This is accompanied by special Kickstarter editions of the boosters from the first set. All cards receive a special Kickstarter logo on the bottom left of the card, making them recognizable as First Edition versions of that card. In addition, these boosters contain more rare cards, foilers (more about this on the product page) and special versions of cards. All information can be found on the Altered Kickstarter page.

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Beautiful accessories for playing and collecting

Gamegenic is launching its own accessory line especially for Altered. All these products make the playing experience even better and keep your cards in top condition for both playing and collecting. From sleeves, binders and playmats to special tokens and storage boxes. Make a splash right away with Gamegenic's high-quality accessories, specially developed for Altered.

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Are you looking for more explanation or do you have a question?

If more information is announced, this page will be adjusted. Also check out our other pages about Altered TCG for more information.

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