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Here you can find a number of frequently asked questions and the answers to them. Hopefully you can find the answers to your questions here, and otherwise we'll refer you to our 'contact' page.

How can I edit my order after I have placed it?

You cannot edit your order after it has been placed yourself, but we can still edit it for you. If you want your order to be edited, then you will have to contact us so we can edit it for you.

I have already placed an order, but I still want to add something to it. Is that possible?

As long as your previous order has not been processed yet, this is certainly possible. If you place an order while there is still another one of your orders in the system, then you can choose to merge the two orders. You place your order just like you usually would, with one small exception. If there is still an order open, there is the option merge your orders when choosing the shipment method. If you choose this method, your new order will be automatically added to your previous order.

I have just ordered something at How do I pay?

You can find all the information you need for payment with our customer service, on the page '[url srcr=]payment and payment methods[/url]'.

Something went wrong with my iDeal payment. What do I do now?

If your iDeal payment isn't completely finished, and the sum isn't deducted from you bank account, then you can transfer the total sum of your order to our bank account. In the confirmation email of your order, you can find the payment details. If you sum is deducted from your bank account, please contact us.

I paid using internet banking, but my status still says that I haven't paid yet. What's this about?

The payments we receive on our bank account are updated daily. Do keep in mind that payments using a bank other than ING bank need at least one business day to be credited to our bank account. So, payments made on a Friday are usually only credited on the Monday after.

I want to order items from the presale, how does this work?

If you order products from the presale, they will be delivered to you once they are available. The release date of the product can always be found in the product description. Are you ordering both normal and presale products? Then your order will only be shipped once all products are available. if you want to receive the normal items earlier, then you will have to make two orders - one for the normal products, and one for the presale products.

How do I get a voucher

We often hand out vouchers to good customers. These vouchers can be anything, from a voucher for free shipment, to being able to shop for free up to a certain amount. The more you order, the bigger the chance you get a voucher.

I received more cards than I ordered! What happened?

We often give a little extra to our customers when they order something. This extra can be anything, like a foil card or a rare card in a bad state, which cannot sell. You won't receive extra's with every order, but there is always the chance that it could happen!
Besides, cards are sometimes added to an order to strengthen it. Especially for small orders of one or two cards it is important for the security of the cards to add an extra card. These extra cards are often non-English cards or basic lands.

Which norms does use to appraise the conditions of Magic cards?

On our page 'conditions of Magic cards' you can find a detailed explanation of how judges the quality of cards.

Where can I find the's terms and conditions for deliveries?

On our 'terms and conditions for deliveries' page, you can find and read them.
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