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Star Wars: Unlimited - Shadows of the Galaxy Booster Box

Star Wars: Unlimited - Shadows of the Galaxy Booster Box

Star Wars Unlimited
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Product description

A Star Wars: Unlimited Booster Box from Shadows of the Galaxy.

Explore the limitless possibilities of the Star Wars Unlimited Trading Card Game in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars Unlimited is a fast and tactile card game where players choose between well-known heroes or villains from the rich universe of Star Wars such as The Mandalorian or Moff Gideon. In an epic space battle you compete against each other to be the first to destroy the other's home base. Battles take place both on the ground and in space and by making smart choices you can become the ruler of the universe in this dynamic game.

Star Wars Unlimited is made for every lover of both Star Wars and Trading Card Games. With a rich history and a team of developers full of experience and love for Star Wars who do everything they can, the possibilities for this game are endless!

Shadows of the Galaxy
After Spark of Rebellion, this is the first expansion set for the Star Wars: Unlimited universe and with no fewer than 250 new cards it offers you unlimited new deckbuilding options. New beloved characters such as The Mandalorian, Grogu and Moff Gideon are introduced as well as new mechanics that will make the already exciting space battles even more interesting. Will you take on a new role with a Leader from Shadows of the Galaxy or will you give your current decks a big boost with new mechanics? Discover it all with Shadows of the Galaxy!

What are boosters for?
A booster is an ideal product to expand your Star Wars Unlimited collection. In boosters you are guaranteed to open a rare card, a leader card, a base card and a foil card. In one in eight boosters you will find a legendary card instead of a rare. Each card also has a small chance of getting an upgrade to the borderless hyperspace variant! There are a total of five different rarities. Maybe you'll open a showcase leader card, the rarest cards you can find in a booster. Collect, trade, build your own decks and play with the cards from this booster!

A Booster Box Shadows of the Galaxy contains 24 boosters. A booster contains 16 cards of which*:

- 1 foil card that can be any rarity.
- 1 rare or legendary card.
- 1 leader card.
- 1 base card.
- 3 uncommon cards.
- 9 common cards.

*the exact contents of a Shadows of the Galaxy booster pack have not yet been announced and could differ from the standard content.

Note: the description is machine translated and might contain errors.

Product info

NameStar Wars: Unlimited - Shadows of the Galaxy Booster Box
BrandStar Wars Unlimited
Product groupStar Wars: Unlimited Booster Boxes
EAN Code841333122294
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