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Flesh and Blood - Bright Lights Booster Box

Flesh and Blood - Bright Lights Booster Box

Flesh and Blood
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Product description

A Bright Lights Booster Box from Flesh and Blood.

"Become more than human!" is the first thing you see as soon as you enter the bustling metropolis of Metrix City. A city where ambitions and innovations become reality. Bright Lights is a set entirely dedicated to the Mechanologist hero class. As a hero in Metrix City, you tinker with your own future, build gigantic mechs and transform your basic equipment into state-of-the-art Evo equipment. Rathe's future is here!

This is the first set to focus on one hero class and offers a unique playing experience. Are you on Teklovossen's side or Dash's side?

Bright Lights is a standalone set for constructed and limited play consisting of 251 cards of various rarities. In one in 15 boosters you will find an expansion card instead of a token. These cards are separate from the set itself and are upgrades to existing heroes or contain reprints of highly sought after cards. Moreover, you always have a chance to win a cold foil card in every booster pack.

A Booster Box from Bright Lights consists of 24 boosters. A booster Bright Lights contains 16 Flesh and Blood cards of which:

- 1 rare card or a card with a higher rarity.
- 1 rare card.
- 1 rainbow foil card.
- 11 commons.
- 1 token.
- 1 token or expansion card.

Each booster contains at least two rare cards. In one in six boosters you will find a super rare instead of a rare or a majestic in one in twelve boosters. One in 15 boosters contains an expansion card. Maybe you open one of the very rare cold foil, legendary, fabled or marvel cards. The rainbow foil card can be any rarity.

Note: the description is machine translated and might contain errors.

Product info

NameFlesh and Blood - Bright Lights Booster Box
BrandFlesh and Blood
Product groupFlesh and Blood Booster Boxes
EAN Code09421037050997

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