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Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game

What is Disney Lorcana?

Disney Lorcana is a Trading Card Game with Disney characters. Open boosters, collect the most beautiful cards and build your own decks. The First Chapter focuses on traditional Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Aladdin and Elsa and as the world of Lorcana grows, other Disney characters will also be introduced into the game. The First Chapter is the very first Lorcana set and new Lorcana cards are released several times a year in new series. The card game is beautifully designed and has a lot of depth in both gameplay and story. The world of Disney is huge and loved by young and old. Disney Lorcana is therefore extremely suitable for children and adults!

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Read the story of Disney Lorcana here

A bright flash of light appears out of nowhere and you suddenly find yourself among the stars. You are standing in 'the Great Illuminary', the center of Lorcana and all Disney knowledge and skills. You have been chosen thanks to your imaginative imagination and the kingdom of Lorcana needs you! You notice that you are not alone, people from all over the world are entering this magical realm. Armed with your enchanted brush and book you bring the ink to life, in the image of famous Disney characters. It is up to you to bring the missing lore back to its source. Only together can you protect the wonderful Lorcana from outside threats!

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How do you play Disney Lorcana?

You play Disney Lorcana with two players. You start with a starter deck or your own deck of 60 cards. Each Disney character, item and magic spell has its own color of ink. There are six different magical colors of ink: Amber, Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Ruby and Steel. Each ink has its own unique playing style, of which you can mix two together for the coolest combinations.

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Start with Disney Lorcana

If you are just starting to play, it is advisable to start with one or more starter decks and then expand your collection with an Illumineer's Trove or boosters. A Trove gives you useful game tokens that you can use while playing, several boosters and a handy storage box. From boosters you can get rare cards that can strengthen your deck.

All you need then is an opponent to play the game. If you both have a deck you can start playing right away. An explanation of the game rules can be found on the play the game page.

Everyone is also welcome to come and play in the store. Also keep a close eye on our events page for when Lorcana events are organized. More information can be found on the ♦ Disney Lorcana: Organized Play page.

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Collecting Disney Lorcana

Lorcana is a Trading Card Game, which means that you do not have all cards from the set at your disposal by default. The First Chapter has approximately 200 different cards that you can collect by opening boosters, participating in events or trading your duplicate cards with other Lorcana players. You get several cards from a booster, of which at least two are rare cards and a foil card. With a bit of luck you might find an Enchanted foil card, these are the rarest cards. Of course you can also purchase your missing cards separately.

A good way to start your collection is an Illumineer's Trove or a Gift Set. The Trove contains eight boosters, game tokens, a handy storage box and a player's guide to help you with your collection. A Gift Set contains four boosters and four foil cards, two of which are oversized and a lot of game tokens. Do you want to open a lot of boosters? Then we recommend a Booster Box containing no fewer than 24 boosters.

We wish you lots of fun playing and collecting with Disney Lorcana!

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Lorcana accessories

Beautiful accessories for during and after play

With these beautiful gaming accessories you improve the gaming experience, play in style and protect the cards. Every player can use some (extra) of these cool accessories. Below you will find a number of tips for commonly used accessories.

  • A frequently used accessory are the sleeves; card sleeves with which you can protect your cards against dirt, grease and moisture during regular use.
  • To store and take your deck with you, you want to keep it in a sturdy and solid deck box.
  • With a playmat, your cards are even better protected while playing and you immediately turn the playing field into a beautiful spectacle.
  • Collectors cannot do without a beautiful binder. Handy to store your cards, but also to take with you when you go to trade.

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