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Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game


Go to the events page for the current events agenda. Keep in mind that our events pages are only in Dutch. Below you can find more general information about Lorcana Ogranized Play.

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Organized Play

Whether you are a collector, new player or TCG veteran, Lorcana Play can help you connect with Illumineers to trade and play. As a member of Lorcana Play, you earn League Points by playing or participating in other activities.

Prizes are then awarded based on league point totals or tournament results. This will be further explained on the relevant event pages.

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What kind of prices can you expect? Promo cards with a special finish compared to the normal card from the set. for example. You can also collect special pins and you can ofcourse win some Lorcana boosters.

♦ View all Disney Lorcana events

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Lorcana organized play kit
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