Collector Booster Box Dominaria United (incl. foil box topper)

Collector Booster Box Dominaria United (incl. foil box topper)

Magic: the Gathering
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Product description

Collector Booster Box from Dominaria United.

Return to the origins of 30 years of Magic: the Gathering: The harmonious Dominaria! This is the place where all the magic as we know it today originated. Rediscover the wealth of Dominaria with its beautiful landscapes, mighty creatures and legendary heroes! Dominaria United is the beginning of an epic story as the fate of Dominaria, and the Multiverse, is unraveled!

A collector booster is a limited-edition booster filled with beautiful premium cards for the collector! In collector boosters you can find unique cards with extended art, cards with special frames (borderless planeswalkers or showcase frame) and many foils. A unique foil token is also included!

A collector Booster Box from Dominaria United contains 12 collector boosters and one foil Legends Retold box topper! Each collector booster from Dominaria United contains 16 Magic: the Gathering cards of which:

- 1 Textured Foil Stained Glass Uncommon, Rare or Mythic Rare.
- 2 Foil-Etched or Non-foil Alternate Border Rare or Mythic Rare*.
- 1 Foil-Etched or Non-foil Legends Retold Uncommon.
- 1 Tradional Foil Alternate Border Rare or Mythic Rare*.
- 1 Tradional Foil Stained Glass Legendary Creature Uncommon.
- 1 Non-foil Extended-Art Rare or Mythic Rare*.
- 1 Tradional Foil Rare or Mythic Rare.
- 2 Traditional Foil Uncommon.
- 4 Traditional Foil*.
- 1 Tradional Foil Stained Glass Full-Art Basic Land.
- 1 Traditional Foil Double-Sided Token

*Frame treatments foil-etched, tradional foil and non-foil are available for Stained Glass, Phyrexian and Borderless cards. Textured Foils only as Stained Glass. Legends Retold cards only as foil-etched or non-foil. Traditional foil Legends Retold are exclusively available as a box topper. In 3% of the boosters you will not find a common but a Lost Legends card.

Lost Legends
Will you find one of the Lost Legends in your collector booster? In every collector booster you have a chance to find a Legends card from 1994! These cards are drawn directly from original boosters Legends and then distributed to collector boosters from Dominaria United. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

Bonus: Foil Legends Retold Box Topper!
Each Dominaria United Boosterbox contains a special booster containing a foil Legends Retold box topper. Legends Retold are old beloved characters from Legends (1994) that have been given a brand new designed card. There are a total of 20 different Legends Retold cards whose tradional foils can be collected uniquely as a box topper!

Note: the description is machine translated and might contain errors.

Product info

NameCollector Booster Box Dominaria United (incl. foil box topper)
BrandMagic: the Gathering
Product groupBooster Boxes
EAN Code195166128238
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