Transformers TCG

Transformers TCG: an exciting trading card game from Wizards of the Coast!

Collect a deck full of great and mighty heroes or villains; build an army of mighty Transformers and face your opponent in the Transformers Trading Card Game! Head into battle and let your team of vehicles transform into their mighty bot modes and back.

Lightning fast and full of action: the Transformers TCG is the ultimate Transformers experience! Get on board and race your opponent to be the first to reduce each other's Transformers team to scrap.

Assemble a team of overwhelming Transformer character cards and build a deck of impressive battle cards to strengthen and upgrade your Transformers. Collect the rarest cards and put yourself, your deck and your opponent to the test!

You are in the middle of the battle between the Decepticons, who want nothing more than to rule the entire universe, and the Autobots, who are fighting for peace and justice. Who will you be? The oppressive Megatron or the honorable Optimus Prime? Choose a side and take charge of your Transformers team. Prepare for battle and save the Allspark!

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